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By Ian J Thompson

During this well-argued e-book, physicist Ian Thompson makes a case for medical theism. It meshes strangely good with the constitution of truth already published via glossy quantum box concept and by way of theories of developmental phases in human minds. the result's a major examine a promising new rational constitution encompassing theology, psychology and physics.
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Hume had in fact already presented counter-arguments to many of Paley’s claims, demonstrating the weakness of arguing from nature to God. Paley’s argument presupposes a general belief in the ‘goodness of nature’, or else, as Hume says, God becomes responsible for the unpleasant natural phenomena as well. Charles Darwin (1809-1882) was predisposed at an early age towards naturalistic explanations but still took seriously Paley’s arguments from design. Then Darwin conceived that gradualist processes of natural selection were responsible for producing the great variety of biological species and also the appearance of design within them.

Without a method of interpretation, an experiment means nothing at all. It is therefore essential to consider alternative starting points so we are not saddled forever with what may be called a ‘departure bias’. Theistic science, as defined above, is different from traditional religion, theology or philosophy in that it attempts to describe the mechanisms by which God sustains or manages the universe and sustains or manages all the cause-effect relations within the universe. This is what makes the project scientific and thereby allows theism to enter science.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) started out similarly following the new scientific philosophies and wanted to understand how all of nature, organisms and even the soul functioned in the world. To this end he began to develop theories based on the observations of his contemporaries. However, in midlife he experienced a kind of spiritual awakening that led, he said, to his constant presence in a spiritual world as well as in the physical world. He then published many works detailing a religious and theistic philosophy, from which I have learned a great deal.

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