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This technical file reports using data in paintings conservation learn. the purpose is to ascertain how statistical analyses were dealt with in released conservation learn reports and to indicate replacement techniques. All parts of information analysis—including experimental layout, facts association, and statistical techniques—are evaluated.

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However, with only one batch, we would have no internal evidence as to how representative the one batch is for the entire class. We must either make an outright assumption, such as "all batches are the same and have the same internal variability," or have some prior evidence about the variability of batches.

The experimental design was to use three drying oils in white pigments with a variety of paint mediums. An initial Yellowness Index (YI) was measured, then the test panels were exposed to four cycles of dark and light. YI was measured after each stage, and the net change from initial was computed. Because a series of tests were made on the same specimens after various cycles of exposure to light and darkness, a repeated measures analysis is needed. Levison appears to have done the mental equivalent of a paired t-test comparing the initial and final results.

The research design could be improved by using the same series of light and dark exposures for each pigment. Then the effect of exposure patterns could be assessed for all pigment types combined. Deterioration: Environmental Effects Fading and Dye Mordants Patricia Cox Crews (1982) sought to determine whether the type of mordant used makes a difference in dye fading. She used 17 natural yellow dyes derived from American plant materials in combination with 5 commonly used mordants to dye worsted wool flannel samples.

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