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Friends who gathered at the Goodman home in Steve’s grade-school days recall Minnette’s welcoming personality. Jo Ann Stepan, as tall for her age as Steve was short, remembers Minnette’s touch. “She would put her hand on my shoulder, look me in the eyes and say, ‘It’s nice to see you, Jo Ann. Are you having a good time? ’ ” But perhaps the biggest impression that Minnette left in the Albany Park neighborhood was her physical appearance. “She was really small, tiny and absolutely striking, absolutely beautiful,” says Stuart Gordon.

You could spin the AM dial and get darn near anything. Steve Goodman 8: In some concerts, Steve attributed this quote to himself instead of his brother. Received uproariously by audiences, the quote may have been merely Steve’s fanciful creation. 9: Steve later told New York radio host Oscar Brand, “Chicago’s a great melting pot for traditional songs. ” 42 Steve Goodman: Facing the Music “Doctor, schmoctor,” Steve thought. ” All day long you’ve wanted to dance! “Dance! ” Steve rotated the dial to another station.

He holds up and looks over the two hats. “Hey, man,” a guy in the front row says. “We’ll A/B ’em. We could A/B ’em, if you like,” a reference to the audience ranking them as A and B. ” He places on his head the larger and more elaborate of the two hats, to wild cheers from the audience. Though he can barely see out from beneath it, he declares it the winner. ” he says. He passes the other hat back and, for a moment, strikes a play-acting cowboy’s pose. ” he asks, waiting for the delayed reaction to the quip.

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