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By Sermey Geshe Lobsang Tharchin

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We buy ordinary insurance after thinking about the general samsaric suffering that will come to us. However, without the ultimate insurance we will have to experience the endless and unbelievably heavy suffering that is caused by karma and the mental afflictions. But this suffering can be stopped if we gain that ultimate insurance. Then, even when samsara's suffering does come, the Three Ratnas 4 can help and protect us. That is the purpose of taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. The three objects that we visualize when taking refuge are the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

From that emptiness you appear in the deity's form; that is, in Vajrayogini's form. This is what you do while meditating. " You have to have this structure in your mind. Even though you haven't actually achieved these kayas yet, you have to meditate on them firmly as if they were real, as if you had already achieved them. This is what is called "divine pride" (ngagyel) and "pure appearances" (sel-nang). " There are also two classes of generation stage practice: rough generation stage (kye-rim rakpa) and subtle generation stage (kye-rim tramo ).

Pakpey gendun nam means the Arya San~ha; Ia kyab su chi wo means 1 take refuge in the Sangha of Realized Ones. jushri, as well as the row of Dharma protectors at the very front. jushri is made up of the Arhats and Aryas of all three vehicles. Reflect that with great dignity, you lead all sentient beings in taking refuge. The commentaries describe that thinking this way is a good omen signifying that in the future all sentient beings will become your followers. Once you have achieved Buddhahood, or Lama Vajrayogini's sun~juk status, they will come to you to receive the Dharma.

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