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By Jonathan Benjamin, Clive Bonsall, Catriona Pickard, Anders Fischer

Significant occasions of human prehistory akin to the post-glacial recolonisation of Northern Europe and the unfold of agriculture throughout the Mediterranean happened on landscapes which are now, not less than partly, underwater. huge elements of this submerged terrain are available to divers and will be investigated archaeologically. Prehistoric underwater learn has emerged in fresh many years as a unique sub-discipline, constructing methods and methodologies that may be utilized in coastal areas around the world. hence, there's growing to be understanding of the potential of underwater archaeology to remodel our principles in regards to the process prehistory. This quantity examines present perform and new advancements within the box of submerged prehistoric panorama study. The 25 peer-reviewed contributions from top authors disguise the result of fresh examine on 3 continents andthe program of methodologies and strategies for website discovery, research and interpretation.

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This therefore represents a tested methodology, which can be considered to be a tool for future research on submerged prehistoric landscapes and settlements in the Baltic. The scientific results clearly demonstrate how this area evolved from a freshwater inland environment with low marine influence c. 6000 cal BC, to a fjord landscape, and finally to the open bay found today. The profound transformation of the ecosystem in the area around Jäckelberg that took place when the rising sea drew near is impressively reflected by changing proportions Mesolithic Hunter-Fishers in a Changing World of the fish species found to have been exploited.

The flint inventory consists of numerous cores, flakes, and soft-hammered macroblades as well as a couple of microblades (Fig. 8). Although the blade and flake tools still comprise blade burins, these are no longer as prominent as at the earlier site of Jäckelberg-Huk. Instead, there are several flake burins that have been truncated or broken. Scrapers are made from flakes and blades, and edge retouch and truncation are present. Among the heavy-duty tools, core adzes with a pointed-oval cross-section predominate.

Jäckelgrund-Orth Both the fish species present and the frequency of the species recorded verify the interpretation that the Littorina transgression had definitely reached the Jäckelberg area by the beginning of the 6th millennium cal BC. 2, Fig. 7%). In all, the fish list becomes relatively short, including only ten species. Apart from cod, eel (Anguilla anguilla) was the Mesolithic inhabitants’ favourite marine food; together these species constitute 86% of the fish remains. This number can be interpreted as an indication of a selective fishery, although the very high number of eel vertebrae, in comparison to other fish species, makes such a conclusion difficult.

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