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By Jack Smart, Frances Altorfer

The Arabic taught during this direction is the normal written language of greater than a hundred and fifty million population of the Arab states, starting from Morocco within the west to Iraq within the east. The language during this path relies at the form of fabric visible in Arabic newspapers and magazines or heard on radio and tv information pronounces. In glossy lifestyle within the Arab international locations, so-called vernacular or dialect Arabic has supplanted ordinary Arabic for spoken communique, yet these types of dialects derive from the mum or dad root. in case you have a grounding in general Arabic it's going to be more straightforward to profit the trendy neighborhood dialects that are in response to it. The path starts off with a consultant to Arabic script and through the publication there's an English transliteration (English letters) that can assist you with examining and pronunciation. The 18 thematically written devices are conscientiously graded and current new language through dialogues, that are additionally recored. those are through questions and workouts that can assist you money your growth. the hot vocabulary is given in either Arabic script and in transliteration. as well as transparent and entire factors of recent grammar, you might want to locate cultural assistance which spotlight a few fo the social and cultural points of existence within the Arab global and that you should still locate invaluable on any journey. on the finish of the coursebook there's a thesaurus of grammar phrases, a grammar precis of the most buildings of the Arabic language, a collection of verb tables and reference sections of Arabic numerals and plurals. eventually there are Arabic-English and English-Arabic glossaries so that you can search for phrases alphabetically and a grammar index to aid yo lookup particular issues.

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Haskel) hakël “needle, fishbone” : Lat. aculeus -i m. , esp. , painful thoughts, cutting remarks”. It seems Alb. Bret. hygo(u)len, Bret. higolenn “whetstone”] has preserved the old laryngeal ḫ-. E. eher “ear “ see under s- formant. 3. u-stem: Gk. ἄχυρον “chaff” see under s-formant; Lat. acus, - ūs f. ; sharpness of intellect; cunning, trickery”, acia (*acu-i̯ü) “thread to the sewed”, aquifolium (beside ücrifolium) “holly”, aculeus ‘sting”, accipiter “hawk, falcon” (*acu-peter “quick-flying”); Maybe Alb.

Ind. ), Gk. ᾽Ακκώ “ nurse of Demeter “, ἀκκώ “ ghost “, ἀκκίζεσθαι “ be coy, position oneself stupidly “, Lat. Acca Lürentia “ Laren mother, Roman hall goddess “ (probably Etruscan); also into Small-Asian languages; compare lapp. Madder-akka “earth mother”. Maybe Alb. Ajkuna “great mother” in Alb. epos. References: WP. I 34, WH. I 5. about Toch. ammaki see under am(m)a. org/ Page 60 An Etymological Dictionary of the Proto-Indo-European Language ak̂-, ok̂- (*hekʷ-) English meaning: ‘sharp; stone” Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘scharf, spitz, kantig” and ‘stein” Material: 1.

PN Acu-mincum ‘salt stone” : Alb. (*ak̂u-̯ īli̯ o-) akull “ice, sharp ice”. Ger. Achel f. Ger. aggel (with spirant. E. üwel m. N. soð-üll “meat fork” (Gmc. *ahwala-, IE *ák̂u-̯ olo-); if here gallo-Lat. opulus “common maple “ (Marstrander, Corr. -celt. N. uggr etc. E. éar see s-formant; Welsh ebill “drill”, mbr. ebil “peg, nail “ (*ak̂u̯-īli̯ o-); Note: The mutation kw > p, b in Celtic tongues, Lat. and Gk. org/ Page 63 An Etymological Dictionary of the Proto-Indo-European Language Balt *ašus in Ltv.

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