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The Sleep of the Circle's End" and "dying in the Corner of Degradation" are in both cases referring to the same danger. When one, through consciousness expansion and through a greater understanding of the mechanism that is this universe, pushes past the limitations of the individual self and gains the eight siddhis, one will inevitably face the danger of identifying the ego as the actor, as the worker of miracles, as superior to the rest of this universe indivisible. So "the Sleep of the Circle's End" is when awareness, having recognized itself as "the One Consciousness", falls once again into dispersion and separation as the ego asserts itself and the individual will is reinforced.

Likewise this chakra is associated with the creative powers of procreation. Each chakra governs a specific portions of our physical body and it's functions; in this case they being hair, bone, flesh, skin, and nerve. 37 Vaani, Brahma's "deathless" consort, is another name of Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge. She together with Brahma sets about creating matter from energy. The four-faced Brahma appears here with the "nine telling gems" that adorn his crown. They are called the Navaratna, the nine planetary bodies believed to radiate potent influences that mold fate and guide the soul along life's path.

Strangely enough, this is in no way confining for Bhogar. Quite the contrary: He goes into each new verse carrying with him the momentum of the last. One is amazed at the richness of meaning that he draws from the closing phrase as he dramatically turns the movement of each new verse on a single word towards a new and surprising destination. Now and again, this device can produce in the reader the sudden satori-like flash of insight, turning awareness, much like a zen koan, towards the place where "the mind stands separate from itself".

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