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Death Echo

Long island instances bestselling writer Elizabeth Lowell cuts a brand new part in suspense with an exciting story of ardour and overseas intrigue. Emma go deserted the blood, guilt, and tribal wars of CIA existence for the elite protection consulting enterprise St. Kilda's. Now she's monitoring the yacht Blackbird, believed to be sporting a deadly shipment that may damage a massive American urban .

Methodological and Historical Essays in the Natural and Social Sciences

Modem philosophy of technological know-how has grew to become out to be a Pandora's field. as soon as opened, the perplexing monsters seemed: not just used to be the neat constitution of classical physics substantially replaced, yet numerous broader questions have been let out, pertaining to the character of clinical inquiry and of human wisdom in most cases.

A companion to the era of Andrew Jackson

A better half to the period of Andrew Jackson bargains a wealth of recent insights at the period of Andrew Jackson. This selection of essays by means of major students and historians considers a variety of features of the existence, instances, and legacy of the 7th president of the us. presents an summary of Andrew Jackson's existence and legacy, grounded within the most up-to-date scholarship and together with unique examine unfold throughout a couple of thematic components positive aspects 30 essays contributed via major students and historians Synthesizes the main up to date scholarship at the political, financial, social, and cultural facets of the Age of Andrew Jackson

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The son of a wealthy architect, Galen was educated as a philosopher and man of letters. His hometown, Pergamum, Anatolia (now Bergama, Turkey), was the site of a magnificent shrine of the healing god, Asclepius, that was visited by many distinguished figures of the Roman Empire for cures. When Galen was 16, he changed his career to that of medicine, which THE 100 MOST INFLUENTI A L SC IENTI STS 27 he studied at Pergamum, at Smyrna (modern Izmir, Turkey), and finally at Alexandria in Egypt, which was the greatest medical centre of the ancient world.

Beginning with 22 new definitions - such as unity, even, odd, and prime - these books develop various properties of the positive integers. For instance, Book VII describes a method, antanaresis (now known as the Euclidean algorithm), for finding the greatest common divisor of two or more numbers; Book VIII examines numbers in continued proportions, now known as geometric sequences (such as ax, ax 2 , ax 3 , ax 4 . • ); and Book IX proves that there is an infinite number of primes. According to Proclus, Books X and XIII incorporate the work ofthe Pythagorean Theaetetus (c.

A novel feature of the Natural History is the care taken by Pliny in naming his sources, more than 100 of which are mentioned. Book I, in fact, is a summary of the remaining 36 books, listing the authors and sometimes the titles of the books (many of which are now lost) from which Pliny derived his material. The Natural History properly begins with Book II, which is devoted to cosmology and astronomy. Here, as elsewhere, Pliny demonstrated the extent of his reading, especially of Greek texts. By the same token, however, he was sometimes careless in translating details, with the result that he distorted the meaning of many technical and mathematical passages.

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