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Archaeologists have frequently thought of islands as exact actual and social entities. during this booklet, Paul Rainbird discusses the ancient building of this characterization and questions the foundation for such an knowing of island archaeology. via a sequence of case reports of prehistoric archaeology within the Mediterranean, Pacific, Baltic, and Atlantic seas and oceans, he argues for a decentering of the land in prefer of an emphasis at the archaeology of the ocean and, eventually, a brand new viewpoint at the making of maritime groups. The archaeology of islands is hence unshackled from techniques that spotlight boundedness and isolation, and changed with a brand new set of rules - that limitations are fuzzy, islanders are specific of their expectation of contacts with humans from over the seas, and that island lifestyles can let us know a lot approximately maritime groups. Debating islands, hence, brings to the fore problems with id and neighborhood and a priority with Western development of alternative peoples.

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O. Wilson is renowned for his views in support of the extremely deterministic view of human behaviour espoused in sociobiology, the theory of island biogeography was presented as a tool for understanding plant and non-human animal population dynamics. Several years after the publication of MacArthur and Wilson’s treatise, however, archaeologists influenced by the ‘new archaeology’ were keen to adopt quantitative models from the natural sciences. The simple formulae provided by the theory of island biogeography was particularly attractive and, as we will see, has continued to be so, to archaeologists working in island settings, as a way of understanding island colonisation and the behaviour of islanders.

The most notorious of British prisons is probably 23 11:58 P1: KAE 0521853743c01 CUFX128/Rainbird 0 521 85374 5 printer: cupusbw May 26, 2007 THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF ISLANDS Dartmoor Prison, located on the high granite moor lands of southwest England. Dartmoor has a reputation for desolation and isolation, although this, as in the case of islands, is more imagined than real. Arthur Conan Doyle’s setting at Dartmoor of the Sherlock Holmes mystery of The Hound of the Baskervilles has done much to evoke this.

In these situations ethnographic fieldwork was of great urgency if a record of the island culture was to be maintained. , Gillis 2003) can be explained by the natural history paradigm, in that the supposed isolation of islands meant for Darwin that islands enjoyed ‘light natural selection’ inasmuch as competition for space was minimised as each plant and animal had an established niche, leading to a state of equilibrium. This stasis in floral and faunal development was also extended to humans, leading to notions of islanders as conservative and traditional.

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