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You should be able to modify or expand the information that follows according to your own wisdom and experience. 1st House This indicates our basic mode of self-expression and approach to life, the ‘personality’ and expression of the soul, and enables us to establish our self in the world. It is through the Ascendant that we project our personality onto the outside world. The 1st house also signifies our basic bodily constitution with its strengths and weaknesses. The dominant element and quality (guna) that manifests and influences the body is determined by the ascending sign, being modified by its planetary associations.

This cycle is mentioned in the ancient Hindu law book Manu Samhita. It was expounded upon in 1894 in the introduction to ‘The Holy Science’, a book written by a great astrologer and spiritual master Swami Sri Yukteswar. Interesting references to it are found in ‘The Astrology of the Seers’ by David Frawley (Passage Press). According to the calculations of Swami Sri Yukteswar we have recently entered the Dwapara yuga phase of this smaller cycle, which has had a profound influence on the development of human intelligence and the growth of modern technology.

The first Planetary Hour of each day is ruled by the same planet as rules that particular day. Thus the first hora or ‘hour’ on a Sunday would be the Sun. The first hora of Monday would be the Moon, and so on. The following tabulation will make this clear: Day of the Week Planetary Ruler Sunday Sun Monday Moon Tuesday Mars Wednesday Mercury Thursday Jupiter Friday Venus Saturday Saturn Beginning with the appropriate planetary hour, at sunrise the planetary hours always follow the same sequence: Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.

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