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By Sam Vaknin

The ecu Union, NATO, the euro, and vital and jap Europe after the autumn of communism.

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The Czech Republic encapsulates many of the economic and political trends in the erstwhile communist swathe of Europe. The country's economic performance still appears impressive. 8 percent. 7 percent last year. 5 percent. But the country is in the throes of a deflationary cycle. 8 percent last year. 4 percent in January. 7 percent, though import prices fell by even more thus improving the country's terms of trade. 31 The Czech koruna is unhealthily overvalued against the euro thus jeopardizing any export-led recovery.

The polities of eastern Europe bitterly divided into the "nostalgics" or "reactionary" versus the "European", or "progressive". The first lot - including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - sought to resurrect an economic incarnation of the former USSR. The latter - notably Poland reclassified themselves as "central Europeans" and emulated the likes of the Czech republic and Hungary in a desperate bid to curry favor with the European Union and the United States. The Pew report reveals that the concerns of the denizens of central and east Europe are varied but closely aligned with the global agenda.

The harsh truth is that there is no central European economy without Germany. And, at this stage, there is no east European economy, period. 34 Consider central Europe's most advanced post-communist economy. One third of Hungary's GDP, one half of its industrial production, three quarters of industrial sales and nine tenths of its exports are generated by multinationals. Three quarters of the industrial sector is foreign-owned. One third of all foreign direct investment is German. France is the third largest investor.

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