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Eccles, made the following statement: “Nor was Sir John Eccles claiming too much when he insisted that the action of non-material mind on - 44 - material brain has been not merely postulated but scientifically demonstrated” (1985, p. 68, emp. added). Eccles himself, in his book, The Understanding of the Brain, wrote: When I postulated many years ago, following Sherrington [Sir Charles Sherrington, Nobel laureate and Eccles’ mentor—BT], that there was a special area of the brain in liaison with consciousness, I certainly did not imagine that any definitive experimental test could be applied in a few years.

214). In an article—“Scientists in Search of the Soul”—that examined the groundbreaking work of Dr. ” Still trim and vigorous, the great physiologist has declared war on the past 300 years of scientific speculation about man’s nature. Winner of the 1963 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his pioneering research on the synapse—the point at which nerve cells communicate with the brain—Eccles strongly defends the ancient religious belief that human beings consist of a mysterious compound of physical and intangible spirit.

When we learn of the consequences of Omega being anything other than precisely 1, we see how very easily our universe might not have come into existence: The most minute deviation either side of an Omega of 1 consigns our potential universe to oblivion....

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