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The Yellow River valley of China, throughout the interval ca. 7000-1500, observed the transformation of egalitarian societies into stratified chiefdoms giving upward push to early states. This e-book examines that transformation, emphasizing the interaction of many components affecting those approaches, equivalent to climatic fluctuation, inhabitants hobbies, inter-group festival, conflict, and long-distance alternate of valuables.

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For example, as the sea level rose to the highest point during the period 6,500–4,000 BP (5570–2200 cal. BC) in northern Jiangsu, marine transgressions may have led to the inundation of lowland areas and the abandonment of settlements near the east coat. There is a period of site absence in northern Jiangsu from mid-Dawenkou to early Longshan (ca. 3500–2300 BC) (Archaeological Team 1990), while there seems to have been a Dawenkou settlements expansion toward northern Anhui and central Henan during the middle to late Dawenkou period (ca.

A household, as the most basic social unit, provides crucial information for understanding economic, ecological, and ritual processes in a given society. Although archaeologists recover dwellings and domestic artifacts, not social units, we can infer the corresponding social units based on nonrandom patterns revealed in the material remains of architecture. Understanding household behavior has been one of the aims in household archaeology. , Allison 1999; Blanton 1994; Kent 1990c).

Following the Morgan-Engels theory (Morgan [1877] 1963; Engels [1884] 1972), many Chinese archaeologists have believed that all primitive societies progressed from a matrilocal/matrilineal/matriarchal clan organization to a patrilocal/patrilineal/patriarchal society, and that this corresponded to the transition from an egalitarian society to a stratified society. This transition is thought to have been a result of differentiation in the means of economic production. According to this theory, the development of the means of production, especially metal implements, promoted the divergence of crafts from agriculture.

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