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By D. Schmitt (auth.), F. Krause, K.-H. Rädler, G. Rüdiger (eds.)

The 157th IAU Symposium on `The Cosmic Dynamo' used to be the 1st which used to be completely devoted to dynamo techniques, that are basic on all cosmic scales. Dynamo conception issues one of many few actually key questions of contemporary cosmic physics. a sophisticated interaction of rotation, magnetism and turbulence determines stellar and galactic task for the majority the quick and medium time scales. in the back of those multiform phenomena, the cosmic dynamo works in a variety of guises, all concerning inductive and dissipative equilibria in rotating turbulent cosmic plasmas. This booklet provides an updated survey on investigations and result of dynamo idea and similar observations, and is meant for graduate scientists operating within the box of cosmical magnetism and the comparable difficulties, specifically convection, turbulence and, extra normal, nonlinear physics.

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As a consequence of cyclonic motions it was first qualitatively described by Parker (1955). Within the framework of mean-field electrodynamics which was established by Steenbeck, Krause and Radler (1966) the effect of small-scale motions on large-scale magnetic fields has been systematically investigated. g. Steenbeck & Krause 1969 and many others, see review by Radler 1990) like Maunder's butterfly diagram, Hale's polarity rules and the phase relations between the field components. This general agreement of the calculated fields with the observed patterns provided confidence that the basic ideas are correct.

L means its normal component to the rotation axis, '7t = T1r < u 2 > /(80*) (3) is the isotropic part of the effective magnetic diffusivity for the rapid rotation case (Kichatinov 1988). The case 0* ~ 1 is chosen partly by the reason of simplicity and partly to show that the decrease of the transportation velocities due to rotational quenching does not cancel the effect because the eddy diffusivity is equally quenched. The Sun with 0* ~ 6 (Durney and Latour 1978) is nearly a rapid rotator. The velocities (2) describe the poloidal field transport to poles which poleward migration is really observed, at high latitudes at least.

It is however interesting to notice that recent turbulence models yield just such an anisotropic a-tensor (Walder et al. 1980, Brandenburg et al. 1990, Rudiger & Kichatinov 1992, Ferriere 1992). Brandenburg & Tuominen's (1988) a 2w-dynamo model with anisotropies should not be forgotten in this context. Elstner & Rudiger (this volume) however report, that non-axisymmetric (m 1) modes are preferred with such an anisotropic a-tensor, which again is in conflict with the observed properties of the solar magnetic field.

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