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A piece of and approximately comparative philosophy that stresses the significance of language in intercultural endeavors.

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Heidegger’s feelings on language can be summarized in the following citation: We do not wish to assault language in order to force it into the grip of ideas already fi xed beforehand. We do not wish to reduce the nature of language to a concept, so that this concept may provide a generally useful view of language that will lay to rest all further notions about it. 82 This view of language has direct consequences for his thinking encounter with different cultures, where, as has already been briefly noticed, he employs the same strategies and understanding.

67 The coming home is not then a return to a kind of safe haven, but it is precisely in the encounter itself that the wanderer fi nds himself. We could also say that the third step of the intercultural encounter is not so much then a return to one’s own, but a lingering in the encounter, a taking home of the encounter, to remain in the Auseinandersetzung. This is where, in the third step, “something new” happens. And this is exactly what the poets’ works show us, especially Hölderlin’s. ”69 Note that encounter in these passages is always the Auseinandersetzung that has been discussed.

The other commencement refers to the other way of thinking Heidegger is trying to develop and to the “Forgetfulness of Being” that has dominated thought ever since Plato. The other Anfang has to fi nd ways to try to bring Being to light, without thereby losing its “essence” or turning it into a being. With the working title “The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking” (Das Ende der Philosophie und die Aufgabe des Denkens)94 Heidegger now denounces his stance of Sein und Zeit, and actively seeks contact with other cultures to enlarge the thinking world.

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