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By Alex Wayman, Ryujan Tajima

The Enlightenment of Vairocana and the learn of the Mahavairocana Sutra represent the most vital textual content in Esoteric Buddhism. it's in response to this article that Nagarjuna propagated the doctrine and created the Matrix and Diamond global Mandalas that Kobo Daishi introduced again to Japan within the ninth century. it really is essentially an outline of the 2 mandalas, how they need to be arrange, which deities may be positioned in what place, and what their particular mantras and mudras are, for the aim of worship, educating initiates, and deciding on with the character of the buddhas.

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Chaudhury, Buddhist Centres, mentions that the name Valabhi is rather late; and that a 5th century inscription discovered in the ruins there calls it the kingdom of Balabhadra. 00 It is easy to take this name as the original for the Asian transcription that the Japanese pronounce Borora. For the position of Valabhi, see C. D. which includes Valabhi in 16 TilE ENLlGIlTENMENT OF VAIROCANA Har~a's Empire. 6I As to the old travel from the south to Valabhi, it presumbly is closely paralleled by the modern road, perhaps had as the junction point.

SubhakarasifTlha and Vajrabodhi translated this into Chinese. 5R The story given by Chou Yi-liang continues that he proceeded to the Jade Gate, where the Chinese Emperor had arranged for an emissaIif' a certain General, to meet him and conduct him to Ch'ang-An. D. when he was already about 80 years old. He stayed in China for 20 years translating various works, especially the V-A-S and its Appendix, and died at the age of 98, having been a monk for 80 years. Valabhi. Notice the legend which Tajima reports of a country called P'o-Iou-Io (Japanese, Borora) where the Siitra (the V-A-S) was obtained.

Buddhaguhya also refers to the 'First Eon' when commenting on the V-A-T, Homa chapter (see our Study this chapter. beginning). 10. Cf. Mkhas-grub-rje's Fundamentals of the Buddhist Tantras, tT. D. Lessing and A. Wayman (The Hague, 1968), pp. 27-35, for the theory of the five Abhisa'11bodhi. TEXTUAL STUDIES 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 35 PlT, Vo\. 77 p. 88-4,5. There appears to be a slight bit of corruption in this passage. The text's "six paramita-s" is impossible because the extant Sanskrit citation uses the expression upaya, which in Mahayana Buddhism is the first five 'perfections' (ptiramita); and the sixth, prajna-paramita, would be included in the 'omniscient wisdom'.

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