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However that may be, the food thus offered was meant to be prophylactic-to avert the enthumion, the easily roused wrath of Hekate and the ghosts. ' With the regular Hekates deipnon just described should be included the socalled katharmata , katharsia, and oxuthumia. All three were connected with the purificatory and expiatory sacrifices to Hekate that were performed at regular intervals for the house and household. '1 271Finally, all three, as Rohde suggests (Psyche, ii. 79, n. 1), were doubtless more or less confused with each other and with the Hekates deipnon at an early date.

Ib. 542. Steph. Byz. s. v. funll a7To TOU vyoVTor 'cfov flCft, Kal TO: 'E"aT~ULa TfAoiillTfS OiiT"'S wvOJJauall. Lycia, 2Sd. Lydia, on coins of Mastaura: MU\1er, Denkm. d. 4. Kunsl, 2. No. 883. Miletus: Hesyoq,. s. v. 11 MLA~"'I'- cr. C. I. Gr. 285 2 • 37, Pamphylia, on coins of Aspendus: Head, Hzsl. NU11l. p. 583. Paphlagonia: MU\1er, Frag. Hisl. Grate. 3, p. 15 (Schol. Ap. Rhod. 4. i"'ls, Phrygia, 20, 2Sh. Sam os, 2sk. Samothrace, 7. Sicily, ? on the river Elorus, Lyc. Casso 1174: at Syracuse, 2S f ; Sdinus, 2Sk.

Pay. ; ]390 H. 80'TE (the victim) awpoIS, leaden tablet from Alexandria, Rh. Mus. 9, 37, 1. 22; a lead tablet from Phrygia (ECH. 1893, p. pw 'IT~VTaS' 'TOUS (1-'01 aVTla 'lToloiivTaS' "E'Td. Eap'ivav, etc. In the curses of Epigy. , p. popal ; see also Sterrett, Amey. Sch. va'Toi (or plalol, a term found in tbe magical papyri; cf. vaTov 'lTVEVl-'a, P. Mag. Pay. WPOI: they find no rest, see above, chap. V, n. , An. , A. iv, 386, quoting the physid; cf. , 2, 5, p. 42, 20 H. Bk. va'Tos, who has thus been deprived of his life, has to make special supplication for admission Rohde HEKATE'S HORDE page 71 into Hades: EPigy.

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