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By Tobias Churton

In a panoramic span of distinctive learn, Tobias Churton finds, with out resorting to mythology or pseudo-history, the main updated wisdom at the improvement of Gnostic alchemy, the genuine origins of pre-Grand resort Freemasonry, and the mysterious Fraternity of the Rosy pass (the Rosicrucians). Following the airtight non secular and philosophical flow via 1,600 years of esoteric heritage, Churton introduces readers to nice males of magic and wisdom--spiritual heroes and masters like Paracelsus, Caspar Schwenckfeld,

Johann Valentin Andrae, and Elias Ashmole. The Golden developers is a vital addition to any critical seekers'' library.

The Golden developers is split into 3 parts:
Part 1 offers a wide survey of the airtight present and its transmissions from Hellenistic Alexandria to the time of Paracelsus.Part 2 specializes in the Rosicrucian stream as a car of the airtight present, drawing on state of the art learn, reminiscent of the works of Spanish pupil Carlos Gilly. half three concentrates customarily on one guy, the English polymath, antiquarian, collector, alchemist, astrologer, and early Freemason, Elias Ashmole, after whom the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is termed, and one of the Renaissance figures who carried the airtight present ahead. Debunking myths whereas revealing real mysteries, The Golden developers is an attractive learn that comprises a lot religious knowledge. discover the deeper which means of magic and human lifestyles, as printed within the files and encouraging lives of the Golden developers.

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Even Christian Gnostics had found these pagan writings congenial, and perhaps inspiring in the task of creating new gnostic documents. After all, if, as S. John's Gospel declared, Christ was the divine Logos -the creative mind or ‘Word’ of God, then it was a simple matter for Christian enthusiasts of the gnosis - particularly in Alexandria - to reach the conclusion that the Christian ‘Word’ and the Hermetic ‘Nous’ were at the very least, similar in substance3. The Vision of Hermes What is the principal message of the philosophical Hermetica?

Sublimation 9. Fermentation 10. Exaltation 11. Augmentation 12. Projection. Note that last process, projection : a common enough term now in the argot of psychology, and taken from the esoteric jargon of alchemy. Indeed alchemy is full of processes we should now regard as interior psychological ones. For example, the annihilation of opposites through the mysterium conionctionis, sometimes represented in the image of the copulating couple, Sol and Luna. This drive to transcend duality has very clear parallels in gnostic philosophy.

The sin of mankind is that they fail to see things as they are, and are thus brought to stumbling, because they do not see what is around them. God gave the nous to man to enlighten him, but many forego its light because they prefer the things of the body of sense to the subtle world of the unseen. This doctrine would not be out of place in the Prologue to S. John's Gospel wherein we are told that the divine logos made the world, was in the world, but the world knew him not. The Hermetic writings set a very high store on the idea of knowledge, of gnosis.

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