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By John M. Anderson

This publication is the 1st systematic account of the syntax and semantics of names. Drawing on paintings in onomastics, philosophy, and linguistics the writer examines the distribution and subcategorization of names inside of a framework of syntactic different types and considers how the morphosyntactic habit of names connects to their semantic roles in various languages. John Anderson's unique and obtainable research will attract students and complex scholars of linguistics and philosophy.

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The deWnite article is also apparently variable in this respect, but, unlike the indeWnite article, it can head phrases that are singular or plural, though the (deWnite) generic plural is non-overt in English. 6 Nouns in English can thus be expanded lexically, by inter-categorial redundancy, in at least the three diVerent ways shown in (32): 6 These representations proposed for the articles allow for determiners to directly govern nouns in some instances, just as Wnites can directly govern non-Wnites among verbals.

A personal is any base which takes the personal article a after the locative particle ki. The main diVerence alluded to in this quotation is that, unlike personal pronouns, personal names and ‘locatives’ (including crucially place names) take the personal article a speciWcally in subject position (as well as elsewhere), as exempliWed in (8a). The subject personal pronoun in the example in (12) lacks a preceding a: (12) E titiro ana ahau ki a ia aspect look aspect I at art her/him (‘I am looking at her/him’) But the sentence does shows ki + a + personal pronoun, as expected of a ‘personal’.

In (11) head and dependent are associated (by the discontinuous lines) with distinct words. Finite main verbs such as that in (9b), however, involve a complex lexically introduced categorization of the character of (12): (12) {P{past}} | {P;N} : : left Here head and dependent are not linearly distinct; they are both associated with the same word. The presence of a non-independent operative, or Wniteness, category is signalled in English, indirectly, by the marker of tense in (12) (elsewhere person and number), and by position relative to the subject.

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