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A function characterising the distribution of molecules over different energy layers is called the energy distribution function j(E). 11 ) in which df'(E) is the volume of the energy layer in phase space. 13) dE The actual form of the energy density of states can be found for a given model system. 14) The energy density of states is a sharply rising function of volume and energy as well as of the number of molecules. When a distribution law is known it is possible to calculate the mean over the ensemble value of any property U(p, q) at a given time t: (u{t)) = f fU{p,q)p(p,q,t)dp ...

6 Quantum statistics 31 statIstIcs approach classical (Maxwell - Boltzmann) statIstIcs when the exponential e-(~ - E)/kT is much higher than 1. 120) equals approximately 7,5 which is considerably higher than 1. Therefore the gas of He atoms at such temperature and pressure cannot be described by Maxwell- Boltzmann statistics and Bose - Einstein (for 4 He) or Fenni - Dirac (for 3 He) distribution laws must be used, All other molecular and mono-atomic gases are described by Maxwell- Boltzmann statistics, On the other hand, electrons (MHe!

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