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By Walter Addison Jayne

Scholarly survey of mythological points of medication between historical Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Indians, Iranians, Greeks, Romans, Semites and Celts.
The therapeutic gods of old Egypt --
The therapeutic gods of Babylonia and Assyria --
The therapeutic gods of the pagan Semites of the West --
The therapeutic gods of historic India --
The therapeutic gods of historical Iran --
The therapeutic gods of historic Greece --
The therapeutic gods of old Rome --
The therapeutic gods of the traditional Celts.

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And the tomb was the kingdom of SEE v, Breasted, op. , 236. p. 143. THE EGYPTIAN DEITIES 13 Osiris. Between the sun-god Re and Osiris, as the deity of the Underworld, there existed from the beginning a serious rivalry for the highest place in religion and this continued throughout the many centuries of Egypt's history ; until after the Christian era. The Osirian myth. According to the myth, which has many variations, Osiris had incurred the enmity of his brother, Seth, 89 who murdered him and threw his body into the Nile, where it was found by Isis and, by the aid of Thoth, was temporarily restored to life.

Hear the prayer Appeals were made to the divinities to " towards me"; face Turn and to reveal themselves thy " Tis thou who dost miracles and art benevo? " The invocation having been made in the temple, the response was awaited in sleep. In the 96 vision "the god N. " The god then tells the suppliant at what place, 'when morning comes, a sealed naos, or box, will be found containing a certain book which must be copied and replaced. The directions, to be followed by a certain result, were in direct language requiring no : 7 interpretation, and it is believed that in the Pharaonic 97 period there were no groups of official interpreters.

I caused no man misery. I did not diminish food in the temples. I did not decrease the offerings of the gods. I did not take away the food offerings of the dead. I did not dimmish the grain measure. I did not load the weight of the balances. I did not withhold the herds of the temple endowments. I did not interfere with the god in his payments. I am purified four am pure as that great Phoenix is pure which is at Hiera- times. I konpolis [Henen-nesut] For I am that nose of the Lord of Breath who keeps alive all the people.

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