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This is often an engaging and intriguing booklet in exhibiting how smooth scholarship misunderstood 3 nice Sautrantika severe philosophers. If the facts adduced during this publication is true, then the heritage of Buddhist philosophy, 5th century onward, needs to be rewritten. additionally, new reviews and translations are implied of all of the works of Dinnaga and Dharmakirti. the writer sheds a brand new gentle, considering the perspectives of historic and smooth students, on many complicated and polemic problems with the Buddhist philosophy.

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The author has made a thorough investigation of this controversial issue, and found some internal evidence which proves the thesis that the Sautrantika Vasubandhu is different from the Vijñanavádin Vasubandhu. The author has found no documentary evidence for their identity, except for the accounts of Param ártha, Hsüan-Tsang, and Táránátha, who collected their information through hearsay and legends. Particularly, the absence of any sound documentary evidence in Sanskrit makes one believe these to be mere legends.

And Vimšatikd Trimišikd which look similar and might prove one authorship. I have analysed and examined in detail the topic of mental factors (caitasikas) in these treatises. Introduction 15 The second chapter is devoted to giving an account o f the present situation existing in the scholastic world about D harm akirti’s philo­ sophical standpoint. A thorough survey of different views on the affiliation o f Dharm akirti disclosed six different opinions : A. B. C. D. E. F. Vijñanavada (Idealism) Sautrántika-Vijñánaváda Vaibhasika Madhyamika Svatantra Vijñanavada Sautrantika I have analysed the reasons which lead these scholars to put forward different views.

And Sphutarthd for the Sautrantika doctrines. I have listed 24 topics of the Vaibhásikas critically examined by the Sautrantika Vasubandhu. I have also given the Sautrántika and Vaibha§ika account o f epistemological and logical doctrines on the ground of Tibetan tradition. I have not gone into details because some of these doctrines are already mentioned and discussed by others. This is only intended as an introduction to my main thesis on Dharmaklrti. The last part of this chapter deals with the serious problem of identification o f Vasubandhu (II).

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