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5xonacatl follows, crossed out. 6 What follows appears to be otca, crossed out, and underneath is quanaquatl, also crossed out. Page 5 copactli7 quetolli nenepilli cueyanenepilli tocueyanenepil tonenepilyaca- huitzauhca tonenepilcua tonenepilpatlahuaca tonenepiltilahuaca8 tonenepilitzintla totlecallo toyacacpa totozcatecuacuil tlatolhuaztli9 tocamaxitecuil tlantli tlancochtli coatlantli tlanixcuatl totenxipalyamanca texipalli tatlia10 tenchalli tentzontli camatzontli yacatzontli ixtzontli ihiyotl11 xayacatl ixtli tix tixco canahuacantli tocanahuaca nacaztli nacazcuauhyotl tonacazcuauhyo tonacaicelica tonacaztehuila- cachiuhcayotl tonacazcopi- chauhca tonacaipatlahuaca tonacazco tonacazchipinca tonacazcelica quechtli toquech quechcuauhyutl toquechcuauhyo quechtepulli12 quechtetepotli quechtlantli tocuexcochtla cocotl tococouh tlatolhuaztli totlatolhuaz cocoxittontli tococopoztecca13 maitl aculchimalli aculli aztlacapalli molicpitl matzopaztli matzotzopaztli tomatzotzopaz- tomahuaca tomatzopazpi- tzahuaca macochtli14 quequeyolli maquequeyolli15 maquechtlantli tomaquechtlan 7 Added between lines.

Page 16 6 Xuchyotl tuxuchyo chiactic45 coztic xuchitic cozpatic cozpiltic yamanqui totonqui tlayamanilia46 tlatotonilia tlachiahua tlatzmolinaltia tlacelialtia tlananatzoa tenanatzoa tehueilia tetatalanoa47 tetalaihuiltia texic-huitoltilia pati atia 7 Ceceyotl48 toceceyo49 iztac yamaztic yamazpatic cuechtic ayo patzcallo50 patzconi chiahuac chiacpatic chiahua tlachiahua 8 Tochiahuaca atic yamanqui iztac iztacpatic51 tlachiahua 9 Ciciotcayutl tociciotca telciciotca iztac iztacpatic52 mecatic iichyo ciciotic iztaya 10 Puchquiyutl53 topuchquio iztac54 iztacpatic55 amatic peyotic atic atia56 iztaya pati Inic ome parrapho, itechpa tlatoa in tzontecomatl ihuan in ixquich itech ca57 45 CM.

There is a letter b over totloc and a letter a over totlanitzpatlachiuhya. 96 Underneath, crossed out, cuatzontli, and in the left margin, also crossed out, tomitl, totomio. 97 It is followed by totonio, crossed out. 98 Added between lines. 99 The words ixtzontli, tocohia, tocoh follow, crossed out. Page 12 quechtzontli100 cocotzontli101 ciacatzontli imaxtli xictzontli tomitl tocamatochomio102 cotztzontli metztzontli matzontli tlanitztzontli 100 Added to the right. 101 An illegible, crossed-out word, added to the right, perhaps cotztzontli.

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