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By Zecharia Sitchin

Thousands Of Years prior to the Birth
Of Christ, Giants Roamed The Earth

In the 16th century, Spanish conquerors got here to the recent global looking for El Dorado, the fabled urban of gold. as a substitute, they encountered inexplicable phenomena that experience wondered students and historians ever because: substantial stone edifices developed within the Earth's such a lot inaccessible areas ... nice monuments solid with most unlikely ability and unknown instruments ... complex carvings describing the occasions and topography of part a global away.

In this, the extraordinary and carefully researched fourth quantity of THE EARTH CHRONICLES, writer Zecharia Sitchin uncovers the long-hidden secrets and techniques of the misplaced civilizations of the pre-Columbian Americas and gives documentation of the enormous gods who spawned the greatness of the Incans, Mayans, and Aztecs -- the Anunnaki -- "those who from Heaven to Earth came."

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Biblical scholars have long been puzzled by the naming of both a descendant of Adam through Sheth and through Cain "Enoch" (meaning "Founding," "Foundation"), as well as other The Lost Realm of Cain? 41 similarities in descendants' names. Whatever the reason, it is evident that the sources on which the Bible's editors had relied attributed to both Enochs—who were perhaps one prehistoric person—extraordinary deeds. " The pre-biblical Sumerian texts known as King Lists also relate the story of a pre-Deluvial ruler who was taught by the gods all manner of knowledge.

Quetzalcoatl bled his male organ on them. As the other gods looked on, she mixed the ground bones with the god's blood; from the claylike mixture, the Macehuales were fashioned. Mankind was re-created! " His companion in the feat, Ninti ("She Who Gives Life") was the goddess of medicine—a craft whose symbol from antiquity has been the entwined serpent. Sumerian depictions on cylinder seals showed the two deities in a laboratorylike setting, flasks and all (Fig. 9a). It is truly amazing to find all these elements in the Nahuatl tales—a god of knowledge known as the Plumed Serpent, a goddess of magical powers called Serpent Woman; a bathtub of loam in which earthly elements are mixed with a god's essence (blood); and the fashioning of Man, male and female, out of the mixture.

It was during this era that Tollan, the Toltec capital, was built. Quetzalcoatl, master of wisdom and knowledge, introduced learning, crafts, laws, and time reckoning according to the fifty-two-year cycle. Toward the end of the Fourth Sun wars between the gods were taking place. Quetzalcoatl left, going east back to the place whence he had come. The gods' wars brought havoc to the land; wild animals overran mankind, and Tollan was aban- The Lost Realm of Cain? 33 doned. Five years later the Chichimec tribes, alias the Aztecs, arrived; and the Fifth Sun, the Aztec era, began.

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