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By Linda Blood

A former cult member offers a chilling expose+a7 of the starting to be global of Satanism, discussing its hyperlink to crime, together with baby abuse situations, drug dealing, pornography, right-wing fanaticism, prostitution, and homicide.

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She had a whole stable of renegade priests at her beck and call, including the vicar of her own church, who provided her with stolen Hosts for her rituals. And she sold poison. When the police searched the grounds of her house they discovered the burnt remains of human infants, as well as vats of poisonous substances, magical books, robes, black candles, and, most important of all, La Voisin's "little black book" of prominent clients. La Voisin herself appears genuinely to have believed that she possessed the powers of a sorceress.

Recently, some people working on the problem of ritual abuse and other forms of occult-related crime have tended to shy away from the term satanic because of its "weird" connotations. However, according to the dictionary, the adjective satanic simply means malicious, wicked, and devilish. Throughout the book I will be using it in that sense, since the word effectively conveys the aura of calculated, malevolent occultism that surrounds so many of the destructive and criminal behaviors described.

While the term witch in centuries past was usually associated with the Devil, witch was not a synonym for satanist. There were satanist witches who worshipped Satan and believed they shared in his power, nonsatanist "black witches" whose focus was on the employment of malicious magic, and witches who claimed to use ' 'white'' magic only for purposes of healing. But for centuries, the term witch has been used rather loosely to describe anyone who believes he or she possesses occult powers. The Church has tended to condemn all such powers as demonic usurpations of the power of God, but it is specifically because people believe that magic can be used to do harm as well as good that witches have been feared since ancient times.

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