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Bones discovered in the burial chamber turned out to be those of a bull, thought to have been placed there much later as an offering. Major discoveries were made inside and beneath smaller pyramids that stand near the three major structures. Because only the king could 31 be buried in the main pyramid tomb, these smaller pyramids have long been thought to have been the tombs of the king’s wives and have thus been called Queen’s Pyramids. In a vertical shaft beneath one of the three Queen’s Pyramids east of Khufu’s tomb, items were discovered in the mid1930s that might have belonged to Hetepheres, Khufu’s mother.

9m) tall and had been brought to the upper levels of the unfinished pyramid once it reached about two-thirds completion. From 49 that point, this capstone, mimicking the benben stone, was placed in the center of the structure and carefully raised as each stone course was added. When the pyramid was complete, just over two decades after it was begun, Khufu must have gazed upon it with pride and an incredible feeling of accomplishment and also sadness, knowing his tomb’s completion meant death was nearer.

Looking for the Lost City For decades excavations on the Giza Plateau turned up only bits and pieces to suggest that the pyramid builders actually lived near the construction site. In August 1990 Zahi Hawass discovered an ancient cemetery where some of the builders had been buried. 8km) south of the pyramids, and so far, 600 graves of skilled workers and another 82 underground tombs containing the remains of artisans and overseers have been unearthed. The skeletal remains found in the tombs, and the personal possessions buried alongside, are providing clues about these people and the lives they lived.

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