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Se covered with combs of stiff bristles, carry out rowirg motions. The whole arrangement works like the filtering apparatus of a Daphina (=water flea), and with its oral proboscis the Rhinostentor removes from this filtration device the planktonic organisms that are wafted in and caught there. In Rhinostentor spumonasus (the Frothing Trumpet Snouter) the same relationships prevail, with the exception that the creature hangs not from its nasal trumpet but instead from a bubbly mass floated of from the latter; into this mass the Snouter withdraws for sleeping, for mating, and at signs of danger.

Just as oddly shaped as the snout B the tail; it too is exceptionally muscular and powerful and bears a terminal sole-plate, the strong bristles of which permit the tail to be braced firmly against roughened areas of the substrate (Fig. 9). In addition to the metameric [Fig. 9] Phyllohopla bambola. ) caudal muscles, that as a primary character have always been retained among the Rhinogradentia- a primitive feature to which Tnifagura (1948) and Izecia (1949) have already drawn attention-it is above all M.

The Earwing, Otopteryx volltans B. d B. ), the only representative of its genus, is by "its structure readily to be recognized as a modified hopsorrhine (Plate VIII). Actually this animal is distinguished from its cousins only by the enormous size of the ears and the differentiation and strengthening, in correlation with its flight ability, of the musculature of the external ear. The one other difference, its vestigial tail, is a structural detail of little import. In all other respects, Otopteryx is a typical hopsorrhine, so that Stultén even hesitated to split it off fiom the other genera.

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