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By Robin Kerrod

Introduces the solar, our famous person, its dating to different strs, its sunlight approach, and the results it has in the world.

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Then there would be no food for other living things. Earth would be a dark, cold, and dead world. The Sun and Earth travel together through space. Earth is one of many bodies that circle around the Sun. Together, these bodies form the Sun's family, the solar system. The word solar comes from the Latin word for the Sun, Sol. The Sun is the only body in the solar system that gives off its own light. Planets and moons only reflect light from the Sun. The Sun is a star. It looks bigger and brighter than the other stars in the night sky because it is much closer.

Calendars are a way of dividing up the year so that people all over the world use the same date at the same time. Months and weeks are the other divisions of time we use in our calendars. A month is about the time it takes the Moon to circle around Earth. But a week of 7 days does not match up with any natural division of time.  The other half is in shadow, and it is nighttime. Page 16 America's Stonehenge, near North Salem, New Hampshire.  to mark the positions of sunrise during different seasons.

It gives off enormous amounts of energy, and it sends streams of electric particles out into space. Page 12 These arches of flaming gas rising high above the Sun are called loop prominences. They form loops when the gas follows the pattern of the Sun's magnetism. Fiery Fountains From time to time, the chromosphere also throws out other jets of flaming gas. They often rise up hundreds of thousands of miles before arching over and plunging back again, somewhat like the water in a fountain. These fiery fountains are called prominences.

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