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By Inagaki Hisao (Translator)

It is a Revised moment version of translation from the chinese language via Hisao Inagaki. those 3 sutras make up crucial scriptures of the natural Land tuition of Buddhism, which facilities round the Buddha of countless mild & lifestyles, recognized in eastern because the Amida Buddha. [Taisho Tripitaka #360, #365, and #366] [Ch: Wu-liang-shou-ching; Kuan-wu-liang-shou-fo-ching; A-mi-t'o-ching] [Jpn: Mu-ryo-ju-kyo; Kan-mu-ryo-ju-butsu; A-mi-da-kyo]

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Having superior intelligence, courage, and wisdom, he distinguished himself in the world. He went to see Tathāgata Lokeśvararāja, knelt down at his feet, walked around him three times keeping him always on his right, prostrated himself on the ground, and, putting his palms together in worship, praised the Buddha with these verses: 1. The shining face of the Buddha is glorious; Boundless is his magnificence. Radiant splendor such as his Is beyond all comparison. The sun, the moon, and the maṇi-gem, Though shining with dazzling brightness, Are completely dimmed and obscured As if they were a pile of inksticks.

He demonstrates that he passes into nirvana but endlessly brings sentient beings to liberation. In removing their defilements, planting various roots of virtue, and attaining excellent merit, he displays wonderful and inconceivable works. Furthermore, each of the bodhisattvas in the assembly is able to visit various buddha lands and expound teachings of the Way. His manner of practice is pure and undefiled. Just as a magician with his perfect skill can create at will various illusions, including images of a man or a woman, so the bodhisattva, having thoroughly learned all the methods of liberation and attained serene awareness of reality, can freely teach and transform beings.

3. When I attain buddhahood, My Name will be heard throughout the ten directions; Should there be any place where it is not heard, May I not attain perfect enlightenment. 4. Free of greed and with profound mindfulness And pure wisdom, I will perform the sacred practices; I will seek to attain the unsurpassed Way And become the teacher of devas and humans. 5. With my divine power I will display great light, Illuminating the worlds without limit, And dispel the darkness of the three defilements; Thus I will deliver all beings from misery.

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