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Inside the parallel branches, on the other hand, a sequence of di erent operations must be executed, which can be well done in a pipeline. The resulting architecture starts with a single pipeline which breaks down into several pipelines at some stage. The analysis of the speed requirements in the di erent stages of a pipeline can lead to a di erent marriage between pipeline and image parallel architectures. Due to the fact that a primitive usually covers many pixels when projected, the time allowed for a single data element decreases drastically between geometric manipulations, scan conversion, pixel operations and frame bu er access.

LIGHT AND SURFACE INTERACTION Suppose the surface is illuminated by a beam having energy ux  from the di erential solid angle d!. The surface splits this energy into re
ected and transmitted components, which are also divided into coherent and incoherent parts. 6: Transformation of the incident light by a surface Optically perfect or smooth surfaces will re
ect or transmit only coherent components governed by the laws of geometric optics, including the law of re
ection and the Snellius{Descartes law of refraction.

2. if L~ and V~ obey the Snellius{Descartes law of refraction | that is sin in = ; sin out where in and out are the incident and refraction angles respectively and  is the refractive index of the material | then the probability of the photon leaving the surface exactly at V~ is denoted by kt . 3. The probability of incoherent re
ection and refraction onto the solid angle d! at V~ is expressed by the bi-directional re
ection and refraction functions R(L~ ; V~ ) and T (L~ ; V~ ) respectively: R(L~ ; V~ )  d!

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