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Given the shared upstream pathways, evolution of the H. erythrogramma larval ectoderm apparently involved regulatory site changes in downstream genes and novel responses to upstream regulation (Love & Raff 2006). Finally, there also are reductions in developmental features and gene expression. A number of structures found in the pluteus, such as the arms, gut, and specialized aboral ectoderm have been lost in H. erythrogramma. Genes specifically expressed in these structures are either no longer expressed in the larva, are expressed but in other patterns, or have become pseudogenes (Love & Raff 2006 unpublished data).

Laubichler: One reason why there might be a different emphasis in explanations of morphological variation and evolution within the field of developmental biology, is because once it is studied experimentally it becomes clear that there are few INTRODUCTION TO TINKERING 33 functionally relevant parts in the system There is nothing in population genetic theory that says stop at 35 000 genes if you want to compose a phenotype. But to a developmental biologist the limitations of the number of factors involved in the causal processes that make up a phenotype are obvious.

Eine Theorie der Vererbung. Jena Gustav Fischer Weismann A 1904 Vorträge zur Descendenztheorie. 2. Auflage. 2 Bände. Jena, Gustav Fischer DISCUSSION R Raff: I enjoyed your historical presentation, but I’d like to say that the latter part of it was incomplete and misleading. You seemed to derive Evo Devo as a branch of developmental genetics. I would say that it is not. Developmental genetics has provided important concepts and tools, but Evo Devo arises equally from comparative biology through the work of people like Gavin de Beer and others who worked through the 20th century on what are essentially Evo Devo problems without the modern technology but very much with the questions in mind, including tinkering.

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