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Once the last breath has been exhaled, there may perhaps follow a single small inhalation which cannot however be followed by a further exhalation. At this moment the air element dissolves into consciousness. The inner consciousness experiences a special clarity like the flame of a butter lamp not flickering in the wind. At this stage the seven thoughts of dullness dissolve. eighty natural thoughts. They are: - the thirty three thoughts connected to anger - the forty thoughts connected to desirous attachment - the seven thoughts connected to dullness.

Nevertheless in our minds there is fear and we experience the suffering as if we'd really come across tigers or lions. In the absolute sense, however, the tigers and lions do not exist. For as long as we still have not destroyed our taking-for-real of the phenomena of relative truth, they will appear to us as truly existing. We hold them to be things which are really able to bring us harm or to help us. The same is true for a dream in which we come across frightening dream objects. For as long as we have not woken up from the dream, our experiences appear to us as reality, and we experience direct fear.

The energy centre in the heart is the dharmacakra. The white and red drops which are contained within the nadis branching off from this cakra manifest in their pure aspect as the forty-two peaceful deities. Thus the peaceful deities reside in the heart cakra. The energy centre at the throat is the sambhogacakra. : vidyadhara). The deities are in union, which means the five male awareness holders with their respective consorts. The awareness holders therefore reside in the throat cakra. The energy centre at the crown of the head is the mahasukhacakra.

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