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By Nabil Matar

Offers facts approximately Anglo-Islamic social and old interactions. This e-book offers a different path within the research of England's geographic mind's eye. It illuminates the subtleties and interchangeability of stereotype, racism, and demonization that has to be taken into consideration in any depiction of English history.


provides info approximately Anglo-Islamic social and historic interactions. This booklet presents a different path within the research of England's geographic mind's eye. It illuminates the subtleties and Read more...

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He visited the Royal Society, met some of its members, and examined its research, attended banquets and concerts, and engaged in public activities. Turks and Moors in England a 39 Along with his retinue he was widely observed and scrutinized; it was reported by John Evelyn that he did not drink wine, was courteous to women, was magnificent on horseback in Hyde Park, and was interested in Arabic manuscripts and scientific innovation. For the duration of their stay in England, the ambassador and the Moors became “the fashion of the season” generating so much excitement that Evelyn was embarrassed at the “concourse and tumult” of Londoners as they gathered to see the ambassadorial processions.

10 Evidently the military cooperation between Britons and Moors cov- Turks and Moors in England a 21 ered both land and sea operations and was based on what seemed to be (although it was never formalized) a strategic alliance between London and Marrakesh. ”11 Such a choice, however, was made only by a handful of Muslims since Queen Elizabeth was always eager to return Muslim captives in order to maintain her friendship with both the Ottoman Sultan and the Moroccan ruler. What may be truly indicative of the deep rapprochement between England and Morocco is the possibility that money collected at the Spital sermons in London, which were intended for ransoming Britons from “the Turkes or other hethens,” may have been used to repatriate Moors who had been enslaved by Spaniards and released in England.

Muslims were clearly viewed as a different non-Christian group from the rest—and a group with whom miscegenation was passable if not desirable. ” Although some London clerics objected to the marriage on the grounds that the husband was a Muslim, the Company marshaled its own theologians to prove “the lawfulness of the enterprise . . 110 Although the king did not act upon this advice, the idea that English (and other British) women would practice the oldest profession with “Turks” suggests an environment that did not view miscegenation as totally objectionable.

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