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Within a play, a role is performed by an actor, who plays a script regardless of his/her personality, idiosyncrasies, etc. This happens in everyday social settings as well; as you remember from our loud music example. Also within a play we have minor and starring roles, like we do in society. However, there are some differences between theatrical roles and more mundane ones. Roles in most theatrical productions are strictly enforced by a director, for example, whereas individuals in mundane settings have more power to manipulate their roles and those of others.

Yet, these same parents carpooled their teenagers and friends to the Astrodome on a school day and, in most cases, bought or provided the money for tickets. A similar situation exists among African-American and Hispanic parents in terms of the popularity of rap music among their teenagers (Kotarba 1994b). Mass media-generated images of obstinate if not rebellious youth generally ignore the reflexive relationship between teenagers and their parents. , allowances, free time, and fashionable hip hop clothing).

The intellectual field of social problems study is predicated on the assumption that social phenomena can be denoted as “problems” because they somehow differ from the norm, 32 • The Family the reasonably expected, or simply other phenomena. But when a phenomenon is pervasive throughout or endemic to a group, it is difficult to call it a problem. Rock and pop music are a social problem only if one assumes that it is limited to a portion of the population (teenagers) who use it to harm themselves or others.

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