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By Jean Carruthers

What an awesome woman...Jean Carruthers, MD

After learning the high-quality artwork of BOTOX either within the states and in Canada, after treating many sufferers with BOTOX, i'm confident that the Canadians remain prior to of the U.S. with the artwork of BOTOX use for beauty reasons (I've made a couple of journey there to profit from them).

Moreover, Dr. Carruthers is the Canadian health practitioner who first wrote approximately utilizing BOTOX cosmetically (after first treating her secretary after which others with BOTOX). She has persisted along with her examine to steer the field.

If you must find out about the flood, consult Noah for those who can. If need to know approximately BOTOX, learn this publication via Jean Carruthers, MD.

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Ellipse between the upper lashes and the upper lid fold. Women can then be more artistic with their application of eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. Both sexes appear more rested, interested and alert (Figures 43 and 44). INJECTION OF THE LATERAL BROW This paragraph should not be necessary if the preceding sections are read carefully, but we are often questioned about lateral brow injections and felt that this justified a separate section. Injection of the superolateral portions of orbicularis will have effects dependent on the location of the injection.

13 Presumably the causation is multifactorial: they tend to use one brow depressor complex more, may also have more significant musculature and may sleep predominantly on that side. Consequently eyebrow elevation is an important part of the Brow injections 29 world of cosmetic procedures. Soon after we started injecting botulinum toxins to get rid of frown lines we began to hear from our patients that they ‘liked the open-eyed look’ or other similar phrases indicating that the injection was producing a brow lift.

This creates an intense concerned expression. ‘MR SPOCK’ BROW (DELIBERATE LATERAL BROW OVERELEVATION) For some individuals satisfactory brow position is achieved when the medial brow rests at its normal position at the bony orbital rim and when the lateral brow (particularly that portion lateral to the temporal fusion line) is elevated in a gull wing shape, which has been called the ‘Mr Spock’ eyebrow. The reason this is a desired result is an enhanced show of the bony superolateral bony orbital margin—an ultra feminizing brow characteristic.

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