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By R. E. Batchelor, Miguel A. San José

This e-book presents a finished and dependent vocabulary for all degrees of undergraduate Spanish classes. It bargains a wide assurance of the concrete and summary vocabulary with regards to the actual, cultural, social, advertisement and political surroundings, in addition to publicity to usually encountered technical vocabulary. The accompanying routines for personal examine and lecture room use are designed to advertise precision and information of nuance and sign up, enhance reliable dictionary use, and inspire powerful studying. The e-book comprises either Iberian and Latin American vocabulary, and obviously identifies adjustments among the 2 kinds. * contains twenty devices every one treating a unique zone of human adventure * devices are divided into 3 degrees which permits middle vocabulary in each one sector to be realized first, and extra specialized or complicated phrases to be extra at later levels * Vocabulary is gifted in alphabetical order for ease of position * contains one thousand routines and two hundred strategies, on hand on-line on the URL

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Pez´on m pubis m R3 regi´on f lumbar t´orax m tr´aquea f tripa f R2/1 vello m p´ubico R3 v´ısceras fpl Miembros / members alargar el brazo teat, nipple pubis lumbar region thorax trachea, windpipe guts, belly pubic hair entrails to stretch out an arm andar a trancos to take big steps anular m ring finger caminar de puntillas to walk on tiptoe charro M bow-legged corva f back of the knee dar trancos to stride along dar una patada a to kick (at) dar zancajadas to stride along de pies a cabeza from head to toe de pies planos flat-footed echar a puntapi´es to kick out falange f phalanx f´emur m femur huella f dactilar finger print huella f digital finger print h´umero m humerus ´ındice m index/forefinger ligamento m ligament manco maimed (usually arm, hand) medio m middle finger me˜nique m little finger mocho M maimed (usually arm, hand) planta f de los pies sole of the foot ponerse de puntillas to stand on tiptoe radio m radius r´otula f kneecap tibia f tibia F´ısico y aspecto / physique and appearance adustez f R3 severity adusto R3 severe agraciado graceful, charming aguile˜no aquiline (of nose), sharp featured Ser humano / Human Being alopecia f R3 apariencia f a´ spero barbilampi˜no R3 bragado R3/2 bronceado m broncearse cadav´erico R3 calvicie f calvo camandulero R1 A cence˜no R3 ce˜no m ce˜nudo chamagoso R2/1 M chancludo R2/1 M charro m M chato chic R3/2 chilapastroso R2/1 M ching´on R1∗ M chulo R2/1 M compostura f corcovado delgaducho demacrado R3 descarnado R3 descolorido desenfadado R3/2 desenfado m R3/2 desenvoltura f R3 desenvuelto R3 desgre˜nado R3 desgre˜nar R3 desinhibido R3/2 desmelenado R3 desmelenar R3 desva´ıdo R3 dignidad f encuerado R1 A/M endeble R3 enjuto R3 erecto alopecia, hair loss, baldness appearance harsh bearded tough suntan to get a suntan cadaverous baldness bald stylish thin, skinny frown frowning, grim dirty, filthy scruffy, untidy bow-legged person flat-nosed chic, stylish scruffy, untidy gorgeous cute, good-looking composure, constitution humpbacked skinny emaciated lean, emaciated pale, discolored carefree, uninhibited free and easy manner, forwardness ease, confidence free and easy, natural disheveled to dishevel uninhibited disheveled to dishevel pale, dull dignity naked feeble lean, skinny erect ...

G. g. floor) to whisper whisper(ing) to bang a/the door bang, detonation to detonate row, fight to grate, to squeak, to clank to resound to crack (whip) to resound, to boom ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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