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By Russell Moon

There are enemies inside and without...

The coven took my mom, as a result of me. They killed my puppy, due to me. you would imagine there might be not anything worse than this -- yet you would be flawed. My relations and me being torn to shreds by means of a horde of witches will be worse. conflict will be worse. And all-out struggle is coming.

My father says my powers are unlimited. i've got but to work out it ... and no time to benefit. we're final in on each other, the coven and my father and me. it will probably simply lead to demise, theirs or ours.

It's all in my fingers now.

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Everyone around me is moving here and there, mouths working, waving at folks, bumping into one another. But I can hear none of it. It is as if this man, middle-aged, sweet smile, dressed in a neat tan suit, has got a private line direct into my ears: his words come across digital clear, like I’m wearing an earpiece. And he is doing exactly what I said nobody here would be doing. He is holding up a sign that says MARCUS. I walk up to him, eventually. ” I ask. He lowers his sign and takes my bag.

54 And someone is behind me. I whip around, elbows pulled back with my fingers facing forward, witch-style. And, seeing, I stop, stand still, lower my hands, but only slightly. It is Marthe. Of course. If there were one I would trust, it would be Marthe. That is why she is here. They left her behind. I do not trust. Must not trust. “It is good to see you, Marcus,” she says. ” “You will not win, Marcus. You do not know this place. Everything will be different here. ” Her manner is all gentle, understanding, and warm to me in the way that Marthe has always been warm to me, ever since the coven and I found each other.

Right now I could probably rob a pet store, an old folks’ home, a day care center if I had to, because whatever I have to do to get to Eleanor seems worth it. Bang, like that, I am in the store, in the sweet liquors aisle, as my power moves me smoothly and swiftly where I want to go. It has taken less than a fraction of an instant for me to bypass the doors and land in this spot. Now that I’m learning how to control it, the magic moving of myself has become more and more doable, and I am doing it with precision.

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