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By Diana Y. Paul

"In looking to discover the interrelationships among, and mutual effect of, different types of sexual stereotypes and non secular perspectives of the Mahayana Buddhist culture, Women in Buddhism succeeds in drawing our consciousness to issues of philosophical significance. Paul examines the 'image' of ladies which come up in a few Buddhist texts linked to Mahayana and reveals that, whereas preferably the culture purports to be egalitarian, in genuine perform it frequently betrayed a robust misogynist prejudice. Sanskrit and chinese language texts are equipped by means of subject and kind, progressing from these which deal with the ordinarily orthodox and unfavorable to these which set forth a favorable attention of soteriological paths for girls. . . . In Women in Buddhism, Diana Paul could be forcing our attention of the matter of lady enlightenment. hence the most purport and accomplishment of her scholarship is revolutionary."—Philosophy East and West

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65 They do not experience a close relationship with either monks or Brahmans. They are not close to all those who practice good actions in accordance with the moral precepts of purity. Such men as these turn away 30 WOMEN IN BUDDHISM from faith, morality, learning, and [the perfections of] generosity and wisdom. Since they have no faith, morality, learning, nor [the perfections of] generosity and wisdom, they are not good men and act like hungry demons. They are without wisdom, addicted to desire, and dissipated.

Fools Lust for women Like dogs in heat. They do not know abstinence. They are also like flies Who see vomited food. Like a herd of hogs, They greedily seek manure. Women can ruin T he precepts of purity. They can also ignore H onor and virtue. Causing one to go to hell They prevent rebirth in heaven. Why should the wise Delight in them? T he person who Desires the poisons o f material comforts Has torments both physical and mental And cannot assuage them. Because these desires Become the basis for suffering They are poisons to the body.

The seven daughters heard them and were delighted. With their five hundred women attendants they went to see him. In the graveyard there was much mourning, weeping, and wailing. Five hundred people had been ab­ sorbed with such thoughts [of sorrow]. At that time the Buddha Ka£yapa was teaching the Dharma to innumerable 22 WOMEN IN BUDDHISM thousands o f people. Immediately every individual paid reverence before the Buddha KaSyapa, leaving their seats to the side. Indra, the lord o f gods, humbly spoke to the Buddha: “I have presented myself because I have heard the king’s seven daughters explain this sutra and I have come to listen to them.

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