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A Flash of Lightning in the Dark of Night: A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life

Compassion is the guideline of the bodhisattvas, those that vow to achieve enlightenment with a purpose to unlock all sentient beings from the soreness and confusion of imperfect life. To this finish, they need to resign all self-centered targets and view simply the wellbeing and fitness of others. The bodhisattvas' enemies are the ego, ardour, and hatred; their guns are generosity, endurance, perseverance, and knowledge.

The Buddha's way of happiness : healing sorrow, transforming negative emotion & finding well-being in the present moment

Notice the secrets and techniques to Happiness and Well-BeingThe pleasure you're feeling after listening to excellent news or reaching a target is fleeting, yet real happiness-that is, the nice and cozy feeling of deep contentment and joy-is lasting, and it may be yours in each second. The Buddha's means of Happiness is a consultant to placing apart your anxieties concerning the destiny, regrets in regards to the previous, and relentless longing to alter your existence for the higher, and awakening to the enjoyment of residing.

Who Am I?

Cutting-edge scholars are formed by means of reviews -- critiques from their pals, media, track, kin, and God. With such a lot of viewpoints, it's great to grasp there are absolutes during this international. a part of the Poetry of the Soul sequence, Who Am I? addresses the youth whilst scholars are asking, "Why am I right here?

Locating Exiled Writers in Contemporary Russian Literature: Exiles at Home

This cutting edge research examines the paintings of exiles from the Soviet Union who back to a reformed post-Soviet Russia to start up narrative procedures of self-definition orientated towards a readership and country looking self-identity, all at a time of social, political and cultural transition inside of Russia itself.

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I tucked away the gun and stepped behind the doctor, helped him up. “Sorry about all that, Doc. Sometimes I just lose my temper, you know? Especially when I feel my chain’s been jerked. ” He nodded, or maybe he was just shivering. I didn’t care. He was on shaky ground those four steps back to the cruiser, nearly falling into the backseat. The headlights were right on us now, and the electric company truck swept by, creating a vortex of snow and wind that stung my eyes. I closed the back door, got into the driver’s seat, cranked the engine.

No need for his tough guy bullshit. That told me half of this act depended on my response. But I couldn’t shake the feeling he was hiding something big. ” I said. “No need. I’ve already told you, I’m your last shot. Those guys in there—” he nodded towards the glass. “They want to scare you. Want you to do the hardest time there is. Traitor time. Even the baby-rapers will spit on you. ” “Good buddies, right? ” He laid his hand on his chest, mock-hurt. “I don’t chop them up and scatter them across three states.

If I’d ever been afraid of death before, the stun gun changed my mind. I wanted to die. I looked forward to being dead. Anything to stop the pain. When it finally stopped, I was hoping that the room was just an afterthought. What I was seeing was only an echo of my life. Any second the pain would flitter away and my soul would give up looking for heaven and hell and just fall asleep and that’s all she wrote. My story would be over. But I kept breathing and jittering and burning—smoke rose from my wrists, circled with charred skin.

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