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Используя инструменты Zbrush 3.5, вы создадите скульптуру героической мужской фигуры. Вы изучите особенности посторения каждой детали тела в отдельности, включая голову, шею, туловище, руки, ноги, кости и мышцы. Автор использует те же концепции, которыми руководствовались художники на протяжении многих веков, таких, как жест, форма и пропорции. Внимательно изучив эту книгу, вы приобретете фундаментальные навыки, которые не раз пригодятся вам на протяжении всей вашей карьеры.

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24. I find that starting from the most basic mesh allows me the most freedom in sculpting. Sometimes if you have a muscle form edge looped in your base model, it can fight you as you sculpt. 24 ​An animation mesh is prepared with edge loops and topology that facilitates UV layout and animation. Building a Sculpt Mesh in Maya In this section we will create our simple base sculpt mesh, using very simple polygon modeling techniques that are applicable to nearly every modeling package on the market as well as Maya.

Muscles pull toward their origin. An easy way to determine the origin of any muscle is to find the point at which the muscle moves the least. 23. The Pectoralis muscle originates on the sternum and inserts on the humerus or upper arm bone. The head that attaches to the arm has the most range of motion, so it is the insertion. The shape of a muscle may change as it moves, but the origin and insertion never change; they are attached to the skeleton. So by knowing these points you understand how to place the muscle in any pose.

Make sure to save the Zsphere model as well as the Adaptive Skin separately. We will now generate a polygon mesh from the ZSphere model. Under the Adaptive Skin menu, click the Make Adaptive Skin button. You will notice a new ZTool listed in the tool menu prefixed with the name Skin. Select this tool. This is the polygon mesh generated from the ZSphere model. Save this tool separately from the ZSphere model in case you want to revisit the original ZSphere chain for further edits in the future. 71.

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