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Ipdeipwv are misleading glosses, based on a wrong interpretation of //. 9. 540, 16. 260. Cp. schol. A. //. 9. 540) is thoroughly unsatisfactory. *ev-fo6-ri-s would have produced, not gvoffis, but *4vfoffTis *eti>offns *lj/oerm (L. Meyer Handb. d. gr. Etym. i. 410, K. F. W. Schmidt in the Zeitschrift filr vergleichende Sprachforschung 1913 xlv. 234 n. 3. Boisacq op. cit. p. 1109 and Walde—Pokorny 0/. cit. i. ). Besides, evwOtu is a late compound (Ap. Rhod. 4. 1243, Plout. v. Lucull. 28) and yields no tolerable sense.

The Homeric lines, however effective, are not improbably a late F. Durrbach in Daremberg—Saglio Diet. Ant. iv. , Gruppe Gr. Myth. Rel. pp. 814, 845, 1139 n. 2, E. H. Meyer in Rosqher Lex. Myth. iii. , Farnell Cults of Gk. States iv. 7 f. 1 //. 20. 56—65. 2 My specimen came from the cabinet of a Greek collector on May 14, 1928. Obv. AVT- K - T T - A I K - B A A E P I A N O C . Bust of Valerianus to right. Rev. GGOIA K P A I O I J A A V T I A H N A IflN. Scene as described above. PI. i shows the reverse to a scale o f f .

C. T. Damm Novum lexicon Graecum etymologicum et reale Berolini 1765 p. ' That 88. was Doric for 717 is indeed affirmed by ancient scholiasts and lexicographers (Aisch. v. 568 a\ev'u (a ex S. factum cod. ) 5a with schol. &\ev w 8a : ol Aupieis TVJV yijv dav Kal TOV yv6ov Sv6ov (rives OVTUS, a\ev a 88,' a\ev, dvax&pei, €KK\ive- TO 8e a. 88, u 717. ol yap Aupieis TTJV yijv STJV Kal Sav affiv, Kal rbv yvb(pov 5vo^>ov cod. ), Aisch. Ag. 1072 droroToi iroTTo'iSa, Aisch. Eum. 841 oioISa, ev with schol.

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