Photographers Using Fresh Tint Lightroom Preset Pack

Fresh Tint is a Lightroom Preset that I use a lot! So I thought I would upload a bunch of photographs so you can really see what it looks like.

All the photographs are using the different versions of Fresh Tint which are:

1. Fresh Tint: Pinky (original)
2. Fresh Tint: Pinky (original) – Low Contrast
3. Fresh Tint: Cool
4. Fresh Tint: Cool – Low Contrast
5. Fresh Tint: Minty
6. Fresh Tint: Minty – Low Contrast
7. Fresh Tint: Peach
8. Fresh Tint: Peach – Low Contrast
9. Fresh Tint: Soft
10. Fresh Tint: Soft – Low Contrast

You can get all of the above Lightroom Presets in the Fresh Tint King Pack on The Bell Sisters

Read more about this Lightroom Preset and what it does, what it works on, the different packs you can get etc on The Bell Sisters

For now I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or email me. 😀