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Pink Blush Photoshop Action is a Photoshop Action for photography.

Pink Blush Photoshop Action can be used on:-

  1. Autumn Photographs
  2. Spring/Summer Photographs
  3. Winter Photographs
  4. Photographs which look dull and need warming up.
  5. What Pink Blush Photoshop Action will do for you:-

This Pink Blush Photoshop Action will:-

  1. Hugely soften your photograph
  2. Give your photograph a very soft hazy feel to it
  3. Add a pink haze to it
  4. Increase already pink and red colours in the photograph

Take a look at the before and afters above, they speak louder than words.


Available for Photoshop CS4 and CS5

Pink Blush Photoshop Action Contains:-

3 Photoshop Action variants:-

  • Pink Blush – Softer
  • Pink Blush – Vibrant
  • Pink Blush – Warmer


Pink Blush Photoshop Action is on The Bell Sisters

Go to The Bell Sisters to find this Pink Blush Photoshop Action

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