I’ve recently finished another “1 week of ___” – this time, “1 Week of Autumn”.

My Quiet Time - 1 Week of Autumn - 7/7

I’m really enjoying these 1 week projects. Instead of 30 days, it keeps me on the ball and inspired. I find I’m trying new things and seeing more. When I look around I think “would that be a good photograph?”.

I’ve just begun my next project – “1 Week of Shoes” which is hugely different to 1 Week of Autumn and other projects I’ve done, like “1 Week of Self-portraits” – now that was a tricky one!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my new projects and old ones – let me know if you have any ideas, I’m itching for another one!

Love, Sasha Bell

One Response to “Projects, projects, projects!”

  1. Jonathan
    31 October 2010 at 1:17 PM #

    What about something like “A week of eyes” … Try and capture just the eyes, capture emotion through only a single body part – No smiles or frowns.