One of our most exciting, fun and full of life, Lightroom Presets.

It works on:-

  • Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Photography

This Lightroom Preset is ideal for:-

  • Landscape
  • Portraits

What this Lightroom Preset will do:-

This Lightroom Preset is designed to give your photograph a burst of colour. Think of a rainbow – lots of vibrant colours added to the top part of your photograph.

It will also gently process your photograph, to give it a ‘dreamy’ feel and look. This Lightroom Preset is particularly good when photographing into the sun.

See the before/after images to see the transformation this Rainbow Lightroom Preset can do. 

The Rainbow Lightroom Pack includes:-

A total of 9 Unique Lightroom Presets.

    • Rainbow: Afternoon Glow 
    • Rainbow: Afternoon Haze 
    • Rainbow: Afternoon Haze – Honey
    • Rainbow: Darkness
    • Rainbow: Lightness
    • Rainbow: Milky Sunshine
    • Rainbow: Red Hot
    • Rainbow: Sweet Gentle Sunshine
    • Rainbow: Sweet Soft Sunshine
Take look at the above images, they speak louder than words.


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