Snow Riding - Day 80/365Snow Riding - Day 80/365

Day 80/365

For the past 80 days I’ve been photographing every day… I haven’t said much about my project, but I thought I would make it “official”.

From day 80 I’m doing “random” – anything and everything! However, I started my 365 project slightly differently..

I sectioned it in 30 days, where I did “30 Days of Hands” and then followed with “1 week of ___”

I’ve done:-

1 Week of Self-Portraits
1 Week of Autumn
1 Week of Shoes
1 Week of My Favourite Things
1 Week of Books
1 Week of Cats
1 Week of Olivia Bell

All of the above projects came to Day 79.

Model: Olivia Bell
Photographer: Sasha Bell (i.e. Me!)

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