Sugar, Spice & all things Pink - Day 161/365Sugar, Spice & all things Pink - Day 161/365
Day 161/365
A new self-portrait! I asked Olivia what to do for today’s photograph as it’s my birthday and I wanted to do something which would really stand out, i.e. so I’d remember what photo I took on my birthday!
You may remember something similar. I did a “red” version of this back on day 36/365 (although I cut up my 365 with 1 week projects, and the red version was in the “1 week of self-portraits” week).
Red version:
I changed things around a little, but kept Moonlight, the mug (photoshopped to be pink!) and more pinky stuff.
I hid the remote in the book – which is a great way of hiding it. šŸ˜€
Thank you all so much for your lovely messages! I hope you like today’s photograph. ^_^