Inside this ULTIMATE Portrait Lightroom Preset Pack you have 5 Lightroom Presets.

Now you can have the Luxury of having 5 of our BEST Lightroom Presets for portrait photography.

Every photograph is different – so with each of these 5 Lightroom Preset Packs you will cover all styles of photography – all year round.

Click on a link to see more information about each Lightroom Preset in this Lightroom Preset Pack and what they will do for you.

Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset – Version: Violet

Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset – Version: Soft Honey

Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset – Version: Sunshine

Black & White Milk Chocolate Lightroom Preset – Version: Coffee Chocolate

Indoor Lightroom Preset – Version: Cold

TOTAL: 5 Lightroom Presets 

The ULTIMATE Portrait Lightroom Preset Pack is available here:-