Winter Aperture Preset Pack is great for winter photographs

It is the perfect Apeture Preset for Winter and snow photography.

It works on:-

  • Portraits
  • Still Life
  • Animal Portraits
  • Nature
  • Landscape

What this Aperture Preset Pack will do:-

  1. It will add a blue and winter tone your photographs
  2. It will give your flat colour photographs the punch they need.
  3. It will create a beautiful winter wonderland feeling you can’t get enough of.

Winter Aperture Presets Versions

Winter Aperture Preset is available as:-

  • Winter Aperture Preset SINGLEthis includes 1 Aperture Preset
  • Winter Aperture Preset DELUXE – this includes Aperture Presets.


The Deluxe includes:-

A total of 4 Aperture Presets:-
  • Winter – Creamy Vanilla
  • Winter – Winter Blue
  • Winter – Winter Icy
  • Winter – Soft Lilac

Winter Aperture Preset is available here:-