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365 Amazing Days – Blog Post | Sasha Bell
365 Amazing Days - Day 365/365365 Amazing Days - Day 365/365

Wow. The end of this amazing 365 project is finally here!

When I first started I didn’t know I was going to do a 365 project I kick started it which the following projects:-

  • 30 Days of Hands
  • 1 Week of Self-Portraits
  • 1 Week of Autumn
  • 1 Week of Shoes
  • 1 Week of My Favourite Things
  • 1 Week of Books
  • 1 Week of Cats
  • 1 Week of Olivia Bell
All of the above projects came to Day 79.
I never missed a day in between each project, they were continuous. So having got to 79 Days, I decided to carry on, and complete 365 Days Project where I did anything and everything.

The Challenges of Day 365/365

365 Amazing Days - Day 365/365

  • Gale-force winds
  • Balloons that did NOT want to stay in my hand
  • Hair that went everywhere (I HAD to tie it up!)
  • Winds up to 30MPH – I would constantly be tripping over my own feet. I could hardly stand still!
  • Sea water-spray everywhere. I had to change the lens as the lens-filter became completely covered in salt-water, even though I was 50 yards from the cliff edge and the cliff was 50ft high. Not ideal – the last thing I want is to get my gear anywhere near the sea-spray, but you make the best of the situation you’re in.
  • The Balloons got in such a tangle we had to go back into the car to sort out the string

The Challenge

Every day and every photograph has been a challenge, some easier than others.

There have been days which felt so easy, and days when I felt like I just wanted to stop.

But even with those moments of frustration, terrible weather and any problems added to the challenge of this 365 project, I still loved the challenge.

Now looking back on this 365 Project, I am so thankful I have done the project, because it has given me so much more than just 365 photographs.

I have tried so many more things than I would have if I hadn’t done this project.

This 365 project has also had a helping hand in:-

1. Improving my modelling so I find it effortless.

2. Writing a Modelling Tips for Models & Photographers eBook.

3. Creating The Bell Sisters with my 2 sisters to share our processing and photography knowledge.

4. Learning to take Self-Portraits to a high level.

5. Requested by Getty Images to submit my Photographs.

6. Teaching myself more about photography than I could dream of, in such a short space of time.

7. It helped me improve my timing, my focus and my commitment to completion to myself.

8. Making me see the beauty in everything. From trees, to roads, landscape, people etc. I now see so much more with or without my camera, than I did before.

9. Giving me inspiration throughout my project and for the future.

10. Making me fall in love with photography.

Thank you…

To every friend, photographer and ‘stranger’ who has helped me with this project, thank you. Without you knowing it, your comments, which are full of support, have helped me and given me the support I needed to do this challenging project.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness has never gone unnoticed – thank you. 🙂

In particular, a big thank you to my two wonderful sisters who have given me hours, hours and hours of their time to model and help me with this challenge.

And a bigger thank you to my incredible parents, without whom I couldn’t be the person I am today. They constantly support and love me, whatever I choose to do.

Thank you, a thousand times over.

– Sasha Bell

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